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Our tactile wooden toys are designed for children to enjoy from birth up until 8 years old. Explore our different collections to find the right toy for your little one.

Our Honeybake collection features traditional toys with a contemporary twist, designed to engage children and inspire long term creative play. The collection features role play toys including an extensive food collection, market & shopping play, dolly nursery play sets plus more. Children will get to act out their own scenarios and engage with people around them, building skills such as confidence and speech whilst having fun!

In the mid 1990's our founder Georges designed his first ever dolls house in his garden shed, shortly after Le Toy Van was born! 25 years later we have a specialised wooden doll house collection featuring furnished & unfurnished houses with a beautiful selection of accessories and figurines available. This collection is designed to refine hand-eye coordination, verbal development, cognitive thinking and stimulate imaginations.

Transport growing imaginations to different worlds, times and places Le Toy Van Classic wooden toys include such timeless favourites as farms, castles and pirate ships. Designed to encourage creative thought, inventive story-telling and cognitive development through fun, imaginative play, these toys will quickly become treasured family pieces for generations to come.

Petilou toys are inspired by the natural world around us and designed to play to developing senses with their many layers of colours, sounds and textures. The safety of your child is always our priority, designing for small hands & mouths, ensuring smooth, kid safe edges in our toys and decorating with non-toxic water based paints. We source sustainable, durable wood so our toys quickly become long lasting family favourites.

Zoom around the house with our unique vehicle collection, featuring a range of push-a-long cars, pull back racers, train sets and garages. Let imaginations run wild with imaginative play that will assist coordination development. The range includes our iconic London bus and all-time favourites like Le Grand Garage, all beautifully detailed to spark educational, fun play.

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to work we go! Little ones will love tinkering around the house with the house with the Construction collection by Le Toy Van. This fun collection will encourage story-telling, creativity and hand-eye coordination while having fun. This sustainable range features tool benches and tool box's to cater for different tastes, all packed with layers of discovery for hours of long lasting, educational play.

The Pirates collection is a treasure in itself, with highly detailed wooden toys. The Barbarrossa ship has so many different elements for a child to interact with, like the glow in the dark sails, flags and ladders, that their imaginations can really run free. The balancing ship for younger minds is also illustrated beautifully with different characters, and is therefore very engaging for toddlers in particular.

Our farm collection is completely charming, with strong wooden structures finished with illustrations and vibrant colours, it’s enough to inspire imaginative play in any child. The barns and farmyards are interactive in themselves, with the addition of the farmers, tractor and the animals, there is an extra tactile level added. It’s a perfect traditional toy collection for animal lovers and budding farmers.

Our fantastic Knights range lets children imagine themselves as their own knights in shining armour. The castles themselves are solidly built wooden structures, some coming with their own sticker packs to give children the freedom to customise their toy in their own way. There are other toys such as the dragon and siege tower to fuel the imaginative play, hours of fun to be had.

The animals went in two by two, hurrah! Hurrah! Our arks collection will let allow little ones to discover many different animals in a positive play environment. The collection features shape sorters, stackers and removable parts to encourage the development of dexterity and spark imaginative play. The collection features arks safely tested from 12 months + that will be played with for years to come.

Unique present ideas. Pick out the perfect present from our hand selected collection birthday gifts. This magical range gives children the opportunity to really let their imaginations take over & be transported into an enchanted kingdom. Ethically & sustainably made, invest in generations to come with our guilt free gifts.

Everyone needs a good gift guide this Christmas. Here at Le Toy Van we cover all aspects of our play value, design, quality, safety, sustainability, value for money and educational value.

The Le Toy Van mantle piece is crammed with fabulous awards, we've won over 200 and counting since 1995, covering all aspects of our play value, design, quality, safety, sustainability, value for money and educational value.

At Le Toy Van we believe in a world of play without plastic. A very tiny number of our toys have historically had a very small number of plastic parts, but we're working hard to source innovative, plant-based, biodegradable alternatives to these so that we can become entirely natural, plastic-free & become truly eco friendly toys.

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