Toy Castles, Knights & Fairies

Our fantastic Knights range lets children imagine themselves as their own knights in shining armour. The castles themselves are solidly built wooden structures, some coming with their own sticker packs to give children the freedom to customise their toy in their own way. There are other toys such as the dragon and siege tower to fuel the imaginative play, hours of fun to be had.

The magical fairy collection gives children the opportunity to really let their imaginations take over. With a wooden palace, fairies, princesses and unicorns, young minds can easily be transported into an enchanted kingdom.

Toy Castles, Knights & Fairies
14 results
Excalibur Castle,  - Le Toy Van
My First Castle,  - Le Toy Van
My First Castle
Lionheart Wooden Castle,  - Le Toy Van
Dragon, Toy - Le Toy Van
Brown Wooden Horse,  - Le Toy Van
Crusaders Knights Gift Pack,  - Le Toy Van
Knights Gift Pack,  - Le Toy Van
Grey Riding Horse,  - Le Toy Van
Fairybelle Palace,  - Le Toy Van
Fairy Unicorn Carriage,  - Le Toy Van
Wooden Unicorn,  - Le Toy Van
Truth Fairies Gift Pack,  - Le Toy Van
Garden Fairy Gift Pack,  - Le Toy Van
Princess Gift Pack,  - Le Toy Van
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