Role Play - Baking & Cooking

The wooden toys in our cooking collection are designed to encourage imaginative and creative role play. In our kitchens children can cook anything from breakfast to a full roast dinner, or even source some fresh food from the market. In their role as chef, with all of the wooden products in the range, children can fully immerse themselves in play.

Role Play - Baking & Cooking
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Mixer Set,  - Le Toy Van
Mixer Set
Honey Kitchen,  - Le Toy Van
Ice Cream and Treats Trolley, Toy - Le Toy Van
Doughnuts, Toy - Le Toy Van
Tea-Time Trolley, Toy - Le Toy Van
wooden role play cake bundle honeybake
Shopping Bundle
Shopping Bundle
Shop & Cafe,  - Le Toy Van
Shop & Cafe
Market Crate Bundle,  - Le Toy Van
Ice Lollies, Toy - Le Toy Van
Honeybee Market,  - Le Toy Van
Honeybee Market
honeybake wooden role play breakfast set
Breakfast Bundle
honeybake wooden tea party role play toy
Tea Party Bundle
Oven & Hob Pink,  - Le Toy Van
Oven & Hob Pink
Grocery set & Scanner, Toy - Le Toy Van
Shopping Trolley,  - Le Toy Van
Card Machine,  - Le Toy Van
Card Machine
Cafe Machine, Toy - Le Toy Van
Cafe Machine
Ice Cream Bundle
Blender & Wooden Fruit Set,  - Le Toy Van
Toaster Breakfast Set,  - Le Toy Van
honeybake wooden role play toy baking bundle mixer cakes british bake off
Popcorn Machine,  - Le Toy Van
Popcorn Machine
Oven & Hob Blue,  - Le Toy Van
Oven & Hob Blue
Honeybake Tea Set,  - Le Toy Van
Vanilla Birthday Cake,  - Le Toy Van
Three Tier Cake Stand,  - Le Toy Van
Pots & Pans,  - Le Toy Van
Pots & Pans
Weighing Scales,  - Le Toy Van
Weighing Scales
Roast Chicken,  - Le Toy Van
Roast Chicken
Carlo's Gelato,  - Le Toy Van
Carlo's Gelato
Biscuit Set,  - Le Toy Van
Biscuit Set
Strawberry Wedding Cake, Toy - Le Toy Van
Ice Creams, Toy - Le Toy Van
Ice Creams
Fruits '5 a Day' Crate,  - Le Toy Van
Wooden Pizza,  - Le Toy Van
Wooden Pizza
Market Meat Crate,  - Le Toy Van
Breakfast Tray
Breakfast Tray
Vegetables '5 a Day' Crate,  - Le Toy Van
Fresh Fish Crate,  - Le Toy Van
Eggs & Dairy Crate,  - Le Toy Van
Dotty Kettle,  - Le Toy Van
Dotty Kettle
Chocolate Gateau Cake,  - Le Toy Van
Baker's Basket Crate,  - Le Toy Van
Apple Tart,  - Le Toy Van
Apple Tart
Cupcakes, Toy - Le Toy Van
Egg Cup,  - Le Toy Van
Egg Cup
Play Money,  - Le Toy Van
Play Money
51 results
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