Traditional Toys - Farms

Our farm collection is completely charming, with strong wooden structures finished with illustrations and vibrant colours, it’s enough to inspire imaginative play in any child. The barns and farmyards are interactive in themselves, with the addition of the farmers, tractor and the animals, there is an extra tactile level added. It’s a perfect traditional toy collection for animal lovers and budding farmers.

Traditional Toys - Farms
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The Farmyard,  - Le Toy Van
The Farmyard
Le Barnyard,  - Le Toy Van
Le Barnyard
Red Barn,  - Le Toy Van
Red Barn
Bertie's Tractor,  - Le Toy Van
Tractor Trails,  - Le Toy Van
Sunny Farm Animals,  - Le Toy Van
Farmers Gift Pack,  - Le Toy Van
Farm Play Mat,  - Le Toy Van
Coming Soon
Farm Play Mat
Brown Wooden Horse,  - Le Toy Van
Grey Riding Horse,  - Le Toy Van
Bug Racers,  - Le Toy Van
Bug Racers
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