Product Videos

We present our toys in a series of product stop frame animations, lifestyle films and demonstrations, showcasing the play value and colourful style that Le Toy Van toys are acclaimed for across the globe.

Train Collection

London Toy Fair 2020

Welcome To Le Toy Van

Daisylane Party

Ice Creams & Treats

Arks Collection

Honeybake Tea Party

Doctors Set

Daisylane Collection

Strawberry Wedding Cake

Activity Walker

Groceries Set

Barbarossa Ship

Petilou Collection

Honeybake Collection

Cherry Tree Hall

Activity Tiles

London Bus

Bay Tree Doll House

Cake Stand Set

Vintage Phone

Egg Cup Set

Stacking Veggies

Rainbow Colour Pop

Counting Book

Rocking Unicorn Carousel

Cash Register

Sensory Shapes

My Stacking Garden

Hammer Mushroom Game

Petit Activity Cube

Card Machine

ABC Blocks

Popcorn Machine

Ice Lollies

Vanilla Birthday Cake

Forest Stacker

Doctor's Bag

Tool Box

Cars & Construction

Sophie's House

Trolley London Toy Fair 2019

London Toy Fair 2018

London Toy Fair 2017

Le Toy Van - Our Story

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