Wooden Sensory Tray

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    • 4 piece sensory tray
    • Multi-sensory toy which stimulates a variety of senses, sparking curiosity and skills
    • Colourful design helps develop colour recognition and stimulates imagination
    • Variety of shapes assists in introducing and refining shape recognition
    • Made from durable, sustainable rubberwood, this allows long lasting fun, whilst caring for our planet
    • Safe toy - Decorated with non-toxic paints and tested to the highest safety standards 

    A fun sensory toy featuring 4 pieces to stimulate 4 different senses and skills: sight, sound, touch and dexterity. Each piece is made with solid rubberwood and water-based colours, to sort into the matching tray. Shape and colour recognition develop logical thinking.

    Suitable for ages - 12 months+

    14 x 14 x 5.5cm

    Petilou Collection

    We use sustainable materials, non-toxic paints and ensure kid safe edges for safe play every day. Sensory layers of colours, sounds, textures and discovery foster curiosity and encourage early learning through play. Petilou toys quickly become well loved family favourites, for generations to come. 

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