Toy Cars & Construction Vehicles

We have a fantastic selection of wooden vehicles here at Le Toy Van, with a mixture of small and larger scale designs with different play factors for children to engage with. Whether it’s sightseeing in the city on a bus, cruising in sports cars or rushing to the rescue in an emergency, our wide range of designs give lots of scope for imaginative play.

Toy Cars & Construction Vehicles
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Construction Cars,  - Le Toy Van
London Car Set,  - Le Toy Van
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London Car Set
New York Car Set,  - Le Toy Van
Montecarlo Sports Cars,  - Le Toy Van
Little London Vehicle Set,  - Le Toy Van
Retro Metro Car Set,  - Le Toy Van
Emergency Vehicle Set,  - Le Toy Van
Car Playmat,  - Le Toy Van
Toy Car Playmat
Race Car Transporter,  - Le Toy Van
Pullback Racers, Toy - Le Toy Van
Pullback Racers
Whizzy Pullback Racers,  - Le Toy Van
Sweet & Treats Pullbacks,  - Le Toy Van
Wooden Fire Engine,  - Le Toy Van
Fire Engine Stacker,  - Le Toy Van
Fireman, Doctor & Police Gift Pack,  - Le Toy Van
Firefighters Gift Pack,  - Le Toy Van
London Bus & Driver,  - Le Toy Van
Wooden Motorbike,  - Le Toy Van
Space Rockets,  - Le Toy Van
Space Rockets
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