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Eco Christmas Wrapping Paper

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At Le Toy Van we believe Christmas can be as magical as ever, with less waste. Wrapping paper alone is responsible for tons of waste every Christmas, and as it is coated with plastic, glitters and foils this means that it cannot be recycled. We’ve put together our waste free Christmas wrapping paper guide that is festive, eco-friendly and really easy to do at home.

Re-use plastic free newspaper

To get another lease of life out of old newspapers before they get recycled, use the paper sheets to create wrapping paper. This trusty technique can be elevated by simply adding dried orange and festive leaves that are both biodegradable!

Re-use travel paper maps

For a more personal touch, use old travel maps to wrap presents. After holidays, maps can sit in draws waiting to be dug out as they often feel too personal to throw away. If you are giving a present to a travel lover, or someone you shared a special trip with, using maps for wrapping paper is thoughtful and waste free.

Use fabric material

Fabric material can be styled beautifully for wrapping presents, and rather than getting ripped to shreds it can be used again and again. This technique will save you from tidying up scraps of wrapping paper whilst caring for the environment.

What waste free wrapping techniques do you use? Share your pictures with us on @letoyvantoys