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Eco-Friendly Gifts

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Inspire change this Christmas with our eco-friendly gift guide. Our green gift guide will help you find the right present for anyone aiming to live more sustainably.

Give an Experience

By gifting someone tickets to a show or a practical course to embark on a new hobby you are giving an experience that will stick in someone’s memory, challenge and entertain without damaging the planet. This will reduce carbon footprint because the gift hasn’t travelled miles to get there, it isn’t made out of damaging materials and there is no wrapping waste.

Buy Antique / Second Hand

Ornaments, clothes and books dug out of a charity shop are going to be harder to replicate, offering a unique gift that isn’t being mass-produced. Not only will you be supporting a direct cause, but you will also be choosing a greener option than buying from big brands.

Give a Green Donation

For anyone that loves the outdoors, a donation or membership to The Woodland Trust supports the protection of forests across the UK. The Woodland Trust is the UK’s largest conservation charity that has so far planted over 43 million trees!

Buy Local

Buying from local shops will reduce air travel and pollution, whilst supporting local businesses. You also have control over packaging used; by bringing reusable bags to carry your shopping home you won’t be wasting excessive packaging.

Buy Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are long-lasting and family heirlooms in the making. High quality, durable wooden toys can withstand years of play and outlive their plastic counterparts. All whilst being sustainable and kind to the environment!