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Eco Friendly Christmas Ideas – How to Upcycle your Dolls House

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With the festivities fast approaching, we thought it the perfect time to share some lovely eco-friendly crafting ideas to further enhance and extend the life cycle of our customers best loved timeless toys and treasures.

Our selection of stunning wooden dolls houses hold a particularly special place in the hearts of the Le Toy Van family. The very first toy our founder Georges Le Van ever created in his workshop over 25 years ago, they are loved just as much today as they were back then.

All Dolled Up

We’ve put together some lovely little ideas to personalise your dolls house and, as part of our quest to help protect the planet, all suggestions are of course eco-friendly and cost efficient too.

If you are thinking of purchasing one of our beautiful dolls houses as a gift for a special little someone, you could personalise it beforehand, with your child’s likes and interests in mind. What could be better than opening the perfect present on the ‘Big Day’ knowing it is totally unique to them.

If you already own a Dolls House, this is a wonderful way to extend the longevity as your little ones grow, getting them involved in crafting activities that add a personal touch to their cherished home of miniature. 

Get your Christmas craft on by trimming up your petit palace for the festivities.  Collect pine branches and seasonal greens such as Holly, Mistletoe and ivy.  Create a tiny Christmas Tree by taping together the branches, using the top or cap from a household container as a base, held in place with a blob of good old Blu-Tack or super glue (adult only job).

You can even have a go at making some teeny-tiny decorations by sticking on pieces of recycled coloured paper, rolled up into balls. And, how about creating miniature gifts to place under the tree by saving small used containers and packaging and covering them in any wrapping paper you have saved or recycled.

Place holly on the window sills and on top of the mantle as a final flourish - and don’t forget to hang some mistletoe by the front door!

Make a plaque for the front door, giving your dolls house a meaningful name or letting your little one choose. Create the plaque using a piece of card cut to size ad adding your own creative flair using whatever crafting supplies you happen to have.

Create a cosy scene by making your very own miniature rugs. Simply take a long piece of brown twine and coil it around and around until you have a appropriate sized circle for your desired room. Glue the end to hold the circle in place.

Who lives here? How about making mini pictures and frames with family members to really make your little house a home. Simply print out some of your favourite family photos and cut down to size. Make a frame from upcycled card or paper and stick over the top of the photo. If you want to get really crafty, you can decorate your tiny frames too. Tak to the wall and hey presto, your family portraits are ready to take pride of place.

Tempt tiny needleworkers by creating your own cushions, duvets and curtains. Older ones will love learning how to sew, supervised by grown ups of course. Collect scraps of material ad turn them into tiny works of art by folding over a square or rectangular piece of fabric cut to size. Simply sew up the sides, stuff with used fabric or cotton wool and sew along the top. Dress your rooms with your pint sized soft furnishings for a cute and cosy look.

 Spruce up wall spaces by adding paper cut outs to the walls. Simply re use any upcycled paper you have by cutting out patterns such as stars, hearts or flowers and sticking them on the wall in your desired design.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope our little blog has inspired you to get crafty and enjoy creating meaningful moments together.




upcycle your dolls house 

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Georges Le Van, our founder,  created the first ever Le Toy Van toy, our beloved wooden Dolls House, over 25 years ago. 

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