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sustainable wood

Sustainable Wood

Responsibly Sourced Materials

We use a combination of Indonesian Legal Wood & FSC Certified Wood across our range, all sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Indonesian legal wood uses rubberwood that is a by-product of the environment. The trees spend their rubber-giving life contributing to the local economy, gobbling up lots of harmful emissions and keeping the air clean. Once the trees have reached the end of this cycle, instead of being burnt and contributing to greenhouse gases, they are given a second life as a much loved Le Toy Van toy, giving years of fun and inspiration to generations of the world’s children. Indonesian legal wood is sourced locally to places of production therefore it doesn’t travel long distances to get to the suppliers, helping reduce our carbon footprint.

We also use FSC certified wood in our toys. FSC is a worldwide known certification that ensures that the wood sourced meets the highest ethical, social standards across the supply chain. The FSC system includes a certified chain of custody that tracks materials and products through every stage in the supply chain from the forest or point of reclamation to the point it is finished and labelled.

The schemes both establish transparency as to how the wood is sourced, follows government regulations regarding timber legality and prevents illegal logging and selling of forest wood.

Our wooden toys bring multiple learning dimensions to their plastic and digital counterparts, with their different weights, shapes, sizes and textures so it’s the child’s creativity that does the legwork. At Le Toy Van, our toys are powered by make believe not polluting batteries – long live wood!

Child Safe

Our products are crafted to the highest EU/US standards.

Eco Friendly

Created using only the best quality sustainable materials.

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