We Love Trees

As a wooden toy company, we love trees. They are the lungs of the world and eat up nasty greenhouse gases before being turned into beautiful Le Toy Van toys.

These glorious trees reduce our carbon footprint every day but we're always striving to find other ways to reduce our impact on the planet. We know we're not perfect yet but we're making progress towards our zero waste ambition.

Sustainable Energy

In the last 12 months we've switched all our energy at our London HQ to 100% renewable sources, we're also drastically reducing single use plastic in our packaging and sourcing new biodegradable, plant-based materials to replace any plastics in our range. Le Toy Van, investing in sustainable play for generations to come.

Sustainable Wood

We re-purpose Rubberwood trees that have reached the end of their rubber-giving lives and are a by-product of this natural process. Instead of them being burnt, contributing to greenhouse gases, we let these noble trees live on and have a second useful life as a Le Toy Van toy, giving years of fun and inspirational play to generations of the world's children.

Ethical Production

We've worked closely with local communities for over 20 years to carefully manage the Rubberwood forest. For every tree that we re-purpose into a toy at least one replacement is planted, not only supporting the local economy through rubber production but also ensuring that the precious eco-system is maintained.

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