Plastic Free Ambition

At Le Toy Van we believe in a world of play without plastic. We've been targeting single-use plastic as a priority and have already removed plastic windows and inserts from a large percentage of our packaging, moving towards recyclable and compostable cardboard boxes. We aim to have 100% plastic-free packaging for all our toys by 2021.

A very tiny number of our toys – the wheels on our wooden cars for example – have historically had a very small number of plastic parts, but we're working hard to source innovative, plant-based, biodegradable alternatives to these so that we can become entirely natural, plastic-free & become truly eco friendly toys.

Wooden toys are longer lasting than their plastic counterparts; this allows our unique toys to be passed down for generations to come. Our wooden toys bring multiple learning dimensions to their plastic and digital counterparts, with their different weights, shapes, sizes and textures so it’s the child’s creativity that does the legwork. At Le Toy Van, our toys are powered by make believe not polluting batteries – long live wood!


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