Where are the toys designed?

All of our toys are designed in the United Kingdom by our highly talented design team, whose passion is to create toys to educate and entertain young minds. Our team is a collective of researchers, developers, illustrators, and talented product designers.

Where are the toys made?

Our wooden toys are ethically manufactured at our trusted partners’ factories for over 20 years, based in Indonesia and East Asia. All our toys are hand-finished by our highly talented factory teams, producing our toys to the highest possible detail.

What type of wood is used in the toys?

Our toys are made from high quality replanted woods, such as Rubberwood, plywood, and high-grade MDF. Rubberwood is a by-product of the rubber industry, we use it once its life as a rubber tree has ended and recycle it to become beautiful toys. We also make sure that our wood comes from sustainable forests, supporting local farmers and their communities, pledging to replant and replace what we use.

What kind of paint is used?

Our paints as well as all the components of our toys (wood, fabric etc) are rigorously tested at all stages of the design and production process to ensure they meet and exceeding the mandatory safety regulation in each territory.

How do I know they’re safe?

We use water-based and Nitrocellulose paints.

All of the paints used on our wooden toys are non-toxic, meeting and exceeding the mandatory safety regulation in each territory.

Where can I purchase?

You can purchase our toys in your favourite traditional toy shop to get all the professional advice and service or through our online certified partners. Still can’t find what you are looking for? You can also try our website letoyvan.com

Where do I find manuals/instructions?

Find them in the relevant product pages and also our instruction/manuals page.

Returns policy?

If you wish to return one of our products, please contact your place of purchase, they’ll be more than happy to help you. If you bought a toy via our website, please contact info@letoyvan.com for more details.

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