Baby & Toddler - Puzzles

In our Petilou puzzle range, we have a whole variety of wooden toys that will challenge and educate developing minds. With lots of cute illustrated elements and bright colours, there are plenty of different activities to capture a toddler’s imagination, from matching and memorising shapes to learning cause and effect.

Baby & Toddler - Puzzles
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Woodland Puzzle Blocks,  - Le Toy Van
Tree Puzzle,  - Le Toy Van
Tree Puzzle
Rainbow Tunnel,  - Le Toy Van
Rainbow Tunnel
Little Fox Puzzle,  - Le Toy Van
Little Bird House,  - Le Toy Van
Memory Game,  - Le Toy Van
Memory Game
Gears & Cogs 'Busy Bee Learning',  - Le Toy Van
Busy Bug Puzzle,  - Le Toy Van
Shapes Activity Tile, Toy - Le Toy Van
Homes Activity Tile, Toy - Le Toy Van
Bunny Train,  - Le Toy Van
Bunny Train
Rainbow Cloud Pop, Toy - Le Toy Van
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